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Mass Murder In Huddersfield - Samples Destroyed, #KirkleesCouncil Passing the Buck as Usual. #ExpectUs

The Plot Thickens

A message from one of our researchers:

Hello - I hereby confess to being a site administrator and take responsibility for making unconfirmed allegations regarding asbestos being present at the Crosland Moor site. I am still making these unconfirmed allegations, so if anyone (ie. still wishes to sue for defamation, then I'll take the blows willingly. Since taking the sample to Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) for testing I have been shocked to realise that if it is indeed asbestos, the stuff is so dangerous that even by my having carrying it in a sealed jar, the risk of any dust remnants being dispersed from the outside of the jar may have jeopardised the health of Greater Manchester too. If the demolition company have been guilty of causing a public health hazard then I have been guilty of extending its potential impact. The university are taking this EXTREMELY seriously and the sample has been impounded by their health and safety experts. I have still had no luck in trying to get the council, the police or even the Health And Safety Executive to act on this matter, so unless MMU test the stuff before incinerating it and inform me of the results I am at a loss as to what further action to take.

What to do if you uncover or damage materials that may contain asbestos - (from Health And Safety Executive) The pictures of asbestos on this page look disturbingly familiar, plus I spoke to a lad who used to work with asbestos before they tightened regulations. He asked me if the stuff crumbled to powder-dust as I touched it, and when I said yes he said "That sounds like asbestos". Better get my clothes to a dry-cleaners where the workers already have asbestosis! ;0) -

What To Do If You Uncover or Damage Materials That May Contain Asbestos

Testimony and photos of earlier explorations of the site

TO: (
CC: (; Barry SheermanMP (; (; (; ( Health And Safety Executive, I am extremely concerned that a demolition site in Huddersfield contains huge 
quantities of material which is most likely asbestos.

 The location of the site is:

St. Luke's Hospital,
Blackmoorfoot Road,
Crosland Moor,
West Yorkshire,
HD4 5RX.

 The hospital has been closed since 2010 and in the years intervening scavengers have ransacked the site for medical equipment, souvenirs, copper and other materials.

 An urban exploration website gives a brief resumé of this: 

< >
   and also

< >

 Actual demolition has been underway for some time, but much material which 
resembles asbestos is still present on the site.

 The testimony of an unnamed employee of LAR Ltd.(the asbestos removal specialists who were contracted by Professional Demolition Ltd), suggests that LAR Ltd. were not paid for sufficient hours to complete the removal safely. 

 Apparently the demolition began with the job of removing the asbestos properly having been abandoned part-way through.

 Websites such as ehow <> recommend that if material resembling asbestos is [suspected to be] present at a property, then "It's best to assume that asbestos is present if the dates match".

 Most of the buildings at St. Luke's Hospital seem to date from the late 1940's onwards.

 Photographs and video footage taken within the site since demolition began clearly prove that material resembling asbestos is drifting around the site willy-
nilly, which is a public health catastrophe if the material is asbestos, since 
the St. Luke's site is located within a residential area at a higher altitude than most of the town. 

 Even if it isn't asbestos, failure to properly secure the site where lightweight debris can easily be carried elsewhere by the wind amounts to airborne flytipping.

 A facebook group has been set up with evidence including a photo of a sign 



 Warning signs indicating the presence of asbestos have not been spotted on the perimeter of the site, although I understand that regulations dictate indication of asbestos' presence must be publicly visible.

 The facebook group "Asbestos at St Lukes" < > was set up by an anonymous contact locally and the allegations made have led to the demolition company, Professional Demolition Ltd, threatening legal action against him for defamation.

 Only a day or two after solicitors from Walker Morris LLP threatened to sue, another friend whose house overlooks the site reported that demolition was halted while workers scrambled around the site trying to hide the material under piles of rubble.

 This would only cause the material to break up into particles which will have been spread about by the wind.

 I was made a site administrator of the facebook group after I and a fellow activist climbed [ie. trespassed] onto the site to take photos. An unnamed source at the local Examiner newspaper recommended that I repost the photos anonymously on facebook to avoid being taken to court myself.

 I have since decided to waive my anonymity and have publicly invited the demolition firm to take me to court, confident that the scandal caused would bring too much scrutiny for them to continue with their reckless and indirectly 
murderous activities.

 On a subsequent visit to the site I risked collecting a sample of the stuff, much of which turned to a powdery dust (similar to that exuded by a puffball 
mushroom) as soon as I touched it.

 Thus far neither I nor other concerned residents have not been able to lay our hands on an asbestos testing kit, nor have we been able to examine the sample under a microscope.

 The sample currently resides at Manchester Metropolitan University, where it has been impounded pending further action according to university protocols.  

 It is yet possible that a definitive identification will ensue from their endeavours.

 Reporting the matter to Kirklees Council has thus far been a waste of time. The first time I phoned them I was told that the material was not asbestos. It seems they had taken the word of the demolition company and neglected to consider evidence to the contrary.

 The second time I phoned the local council they said they had no authority to intervene since the land is NHS property.

 When I phoned the police they said they have neither the remit nor the capacity to deal with asbestos, which sounds plausible, so instead I looked up the Health And Safety Executive, who seem to have the authority to investigate asbestos contamination on building sites.

 I was rather frustrated to find that the HSE website told me to contact my local council, but due to the toxic threat to large swathes of the town in which I live, I have taken the time and effort to write this email to the HSE.

 I will send copies to both the Environment Agency and also to Kirklees Council. My local MP and councillors will also be informed.

 Please contact me post-haste, to let me know what action you intend to take. At the very least I expect you to conduct a thorough investigation into the building site of the former hospital Professional Demolition Ltd.

 This matter has already been dragging on for far too long and local residents are sick of it, perhaps literally, since asbestosis can take anywhere up to 60 years to kill a person.


--- REDACTED ---

Thank you for reading this message

 Mad Love 

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Spiney vs Colne Valley Paedophiles Roy Stobbs and Trevor Bates


Spiney vs The Paedophiles


This is an account of a series of events that occurred starting in 2011 and continuing to the present day.


Back in 2011 one May morning, Spiney showed up on my doorstep in Marsden. He was breathless and hurried me into the house. It turns out that he was being tracked by the police, who had a warrant out for his arrest for burglary at a house in Slaithwaite (“The Hollow”). This house belongs to paedophile Roy Stobbs, who has since been prosecuted. The warrant was due to Stobbs having made a terrible mistake; Spiney had entered his property and taken several hard disks from a hidden compartment inside the building, which he believed to contain indecent material - unfortunately, he was unaware of a security camera inside the building. Stobbs, believing that he had encrypted the disks sufficiently to hide their contents, then contacted the police who issued the warrant. Spiney asked me if he could use my house temporarily to shelter from the police whilst he decrypt the drives. I agreed, and a few days later, he had uncovered a hoard of indecent images, as well as browser history blocks, cookies, and some secure login details.


All that was required was for Spiney to hide out at my place whilst he got in touch with the CID, which he did. Needless to say, they where astounded. Spiney had more than tripled the size of their new database single handedly. Less than one week later, we heard on the news that more than 90 police officers in the UK had been prosecuted, many of whom received a jail term. Stobbs was soon arrested and taken to court, however the judge, Jonathon Rose, decided to release him with a community service order and signing of the register, which is strange because distribution of that type of material carries a mandatory jail sentence.


After this, Stobbs' gang began to hound myself and Spiney, driving us from place to place. The first thing I noticed was the strange behaviour of certain people whom I had previously taken to be friends. Firstly, Trevor Bates, who I had allowed temporary use of an upstairs room, seemed to object to Spiney's presence, and was scornful of his detective work. I should mention that Trevor had been acting peculiarly prior to this, and I'd also heard that he could be a child abuser, but had disregarded this as an evil rumour. Bates had set up his own “stalking den” in the attic, with cameras from the window pointing to a place where children where passing every day on their way to school. I've also seen him act very peculiarly, round about the time of year (May/June) where he travels to Ibiza, ostensibly to meet his dad. Soon I was to find the true nature of his trips abroad, when I discovered him and his gang having a meeting in my living room. They where discussing a child porn network they had created, whereby individuals could maintain membership only by uploading fresh material each month – meaning material that they had created themselves in order to prove that they where active offenders. Trevor Bates was already a member of this club – Neil Gilpin and Kier Forman where both applying to be members, to a man named Mark Gilbert. Gilpin was invested into the ring, and given access. Bates had supposedly gone to Ibiza, but in realitiy had doubled back in order to commit an abduction of some kind. Unbeknown to the perpetrators, I was watching their meeting through a crack in the door. Also involved was Richard Goodall, the owner of the property, and several properties in Spain and America which I believe are being used to house prisoners for sexual purposes, including children.


Gangstalkers will often use unwitting members of the public to help in their schemes – they pretend to be film directors who are looking for helpers, and offer them cash. After the job is done, the gangstalkers disappear leaving a crowd of puzzled citizens. So not all the people in my front room where part of the ring, and when the group left, they seemed puzzled that Gilpin remained standing on the doorstep – he claimed to be catching some fresh air. As soon as the group left, Gilpin turned to go back inside my house in order to wipe the evidence from my laptop. But, I had swiftly locked the door whilst his back was turned, and was investigating the contents of the web cache. Gilpin panicked and began kicking the door. What I found was the most disturbing material that I could imagine, involving a child being tortured and killed; the material had been uploaded and would have been created by the group members. Gilpin had stopped kicking the door, and was on the phone to Bates, who was furious about being called back because he was part way through a 'mission'. Unfortunately, I took a sip of my coffee which had been drugged. I was forced to unlock the door and lie down on my bed. I was semi-conscious and could here everything that went on outside through the open window. Bates returned, and concocted a plan to enter the now-unlocked door. Spiney's dog was tied outside – he would create a phony incident along with Edward Green, a postman who was also part of the gang. He said that he was rushing off to get some stage blood from the shop which had opened in the Byran arcade.


Bates returns about ¾ hr later, and the group attempt to goad the dog into biting Green. However, the dog turns on Bates and Goodall instead. Green is phobic of blood, and is unable to cut himself with a pen-knife, except for a tiny mark. The dogs lead (a piece of nylon twine) is what they used to try to goad the animal, and they discard this in the middle of the lane; this was the first part that alerted my suspicions later along with the fake blood, because no animal which breaks off it's tether will untie both ends. Margo and Kier Forman where both aware of the gang's activities, but maintained their pose as bystanders, even though I had seen Kier applying to join the ring. Green now rushes about covered in fake blood but refuses to take an ambulance, preferring to use a taxi instead. He claimed to have cuts on his neck and throat, however the hospital staff confirmed that he had nothing more than a minor cut to the hand, requiring little or no treatment.


During this fiasco, the group now find that the front door to my house was unlocked, and re-enter the property and destroy the physical evidence.  Later, I recognized the web-site which was hosting the images - Royal Mail Chat ( which, incidentally, is on the same host as racist comedian Jim Davidson's website.


Soon after this, Spiney was attacked on a zebra crossing by an out-of-uniform police officer. The officer, on seeing Spiney, stopped his car on the Zebra, leapt out and thumped Spiney to the ground. He then arrested Spiney for assault. However, when this came to court, the officer made several glaring errors that resulted in the case being dismissed. The date of the hearing had been arranged to coincide with the officers day off; however, he came dressed in uniform (illegally), and tried to claim that he had just come from work. The officer's boss was in the court room, as was Roy Stobbs and his gang.


I have observed Bates acting suspiciously on a number of occasions, especially his use of the internet and his obsession with anonymity. I have seen him using children's chat-rooms, and also seen him using a mobile phone which he kept separate in a money-belt and with which he appeared to be talking to young children. I also know several other people who have independently made similar discoveries concerning Bates.


Edward Green was later prosecuted for stealing the mail. Goodall and Gilbert used this to perform an illegal eviction of myself and Spiney from the house on Brougham Road – Judge Hargreaves, who was also at the gang meeting and probably a paedophile, performed an illegal court hearing at Huddersfield County Court – illegal because he did not inform the plaintiff (myself), and I had 3 days warning that proceedings had been started. I was forced to vacate the premises that morning, whilst my PC workshop and server farm was thrown out by the bailiffs. This cost me tens of thousands to create, and was the result of many years of labour.


I also remember Mark Gilbert attacking me as a child in Skelmanthorpe in a shop that he worked in. He tried to poison me using Datura seeds (which cause permanent insanity when ingested orally). I bit his index finger on his left hand very hard, causing him to yell very loudly and attracting the attention of passers-by allowing my escape.


We where then forced to take refuge in an empty house at Cop Hill, Slaithwaite. However, we soon discovered that the ring where using the Rose and Crown pub for their meetings, and that they objected to our presence. The neighbours and local residents, as well as the previous owner, had no problem with us using the property, and the bank who had re-possessed it where only part way through the repossession proceedings and had not asked us to leave. But, one of the neighbours – Warren Hand – turned out to be a ring member. We could hear his children through the wall; every night they seemed to be crying and sobbing, and seemed to live in a permanent state of fear. The gang began sending thugs to remove us from the property. The first group where small-time gangsters and, although they made us leave, they did nothing to prevent us from returning. The second group where professional hit-men – I recognised their badges bearing the emblem of C'Thulhu from a darknet site which offered a hitman for hire calling himself C'Thulhu. The site does not appear to be live any more – the URL is here: https://oltdqzgjm45ito7y.onion .


After this, I moved to Lockwood. Spiney came to stay a few weeks later. He was again attacked on the street by individuals posing as police officers – they also had members of the public who they had enrolled as bit-part actors, who all walked out together from a nearby shed whilst the fake officers attacked Spiney. I also spotted Bates among this crowd. These people where left wondering what had happened afterwards, when the gang disappeared without paying them. They had a mini-bus coach that they had disguised as a police van – however, when the real police arrived it was obvious that the two vehicles where very different, as where the officers themselves – the fake ones appeared to be eating hot-dogs and drinking beer inside the mini-bus.


This paedophile ring hasn't gone away, and are still at large. Yesterday (14/6/2014) a funny man wearing a C'Thulhu tee-shirt took a photo of me in the street (hitmen usually require a photograph of their target), and two days before that a pair of dead magpies where placed on our garden path, one day apart. The magpies where laid over each other, in a way which suggests that a person had put them there as some kind of threat.


I believe that the offences described herein constitute an act of treason, and call for the execution of Hargreaves, Gilbert and Goodall, and the permanent detention of Gilpin, Bates, Forman and Edward Green for terrorism.




Trevor Bates:


Kier Forman:


Neil Gilpin:










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Asbestos Left To Blow In The Wind At St Lukes Hospital, Huddersfield, Demolition Site

St Lukes Hospital, Huddersfield - Literally TONNES of Asbestos left to blow in the wind...
Tonnes of Asbestos Found At St Lukes, Huddersfield
St Lukes Hospital, Huddersfield is currently being demolished.
Our investigators found literally tonnes of asbestos left to blow in the wind.
They also found children playing in and amongst the asbestos, because the company (Professional Demolition Ltd) had failed to secure the site.
asbestos at St Lukes Hospital Huddersfield | Mad Professor at the Nut House
Now follows a copy of the relevant legislation...
Asbestos Legislation
Regulation 4 'The duty to manage asbestos in non-domestic premises' of 'The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012' (CAR) requires all commercial businesses to comply. Every employer (Duty Holder) must identify and manage any asbestos found in their premises, prepare an Asbestos Management Plan, carry out risk assessments and maintain an Asbestos Register detailing the probable exposure to asbestos by their employees and to third party contractors for a period of 40 years.
The legislation also applies to the communal or shared areas of rented domestic properties like stairways or plant rooms in blocks of flats for example.
The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) gives the following guidance in the form of eight tasks on how to comply with the legislation.
Take reasonable steps to determine the location and condition of materials likely to contain asbestos; Presume materials contain asbestos unless there is strong evidence that they do not; Make and keep an up to date record of the location and condition of asbestos containing materials (ACM's) or presumed ACM's in the premises; Assess the risk of the likelihood of anyone being exposed to fibres from these materials; Prepare a plan setting out how the risks from the materials are to be managed; Take the necessary steps to put the plan into action; Review and monitor the plan periodically; and Provide information on the location and condition of the materials to anyone who is liable to work on or disturb them.
So let's assume you are going to commission an asbestos surveyor to carry out an inspection of your premises. The resultant survey report and risk assessment will satisfy tasks 1 to 4 almost! You will have to implement some sort of periodic review or re-inspection.
Tasks 5 to 7 are down to you. Most of the information you need will be in the asbestos survey report under recommended control and management actions. You just need to write down how and when you are going to carry them out.
Last but not least is task 8, which is one of the most important and can be fully satisfied by an asbestos register which should be a separate document that gives easy to read information with a floor plan showing anyone from the janitor to the boiler repair man exactly where asbestos is located and what condition it is in.
You need to implement some systems or procedures whereby the register is a recognised living document that staff know how to use and show to the relevant people. Your asbestos surveyor can advise you on permit-to-work systems and staff awareness training if required.
Following the survey of your premises, you should be prepared for the possibility that some materials may be in poor condition and need immediate remedial action. Remember to budget for that too.
Finally, the aim of the legislation is not to secure the removal of all asbestos in buildings. In fact the Health and Safety Executive view removal as the final and least favoured option in managing asbestos safely. There are many other solutions to seal and encapsulate asbestos products to prevent fibre release. If properly controlled and maintained, there is no reason why asbestos containing materials cannot remain in use for many years.
Failure to comply with the new legislation could leave you liable to prosecution with severe consequences such as:
Closure of part or all of your business. Fines of up to £20,000 for individuals or unlimited fines for companies. Up to two years in prison. Disqualification of directors.
The legislation has been put in place to protect the health of building maintenance and allied trade workers e.g. builders, plumbers, electricians and cable installers who are unknowingly working on asbestos containing materials and exposing themselves to the deadly fibres.
Currently in the UK, asbestos related diseases kill more people per year than traffic accidents and this is expected to rise threefold in the next ten years.
When asbestos is in good condition and left undisturbed, it poses no significant health risks. The danger arises when asbestos is damaged by general wear and tear during the use of the building or it is disturbed by repair or maintenance work.
Asbestos was imported into this country because of its many valuable properties. It was cheap, versatile, light and a good insulation material for fire proofing and lagging purposes. At the height of its popularity between 1960 to the mid '70's it was used in over 3000 building products such as floor tiles, pipe lagging, textured paints (Artex), internal partitions, central heating systems, roofs, gutters, rainwater downpipes, cement cladding, fire protection to structural steelwork, fuse boxes, bitumen products and many, many more before the potentially deadly properties of asbestos were known.
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Tory Councillor Roger Wilson Meets 11 Year Old Girl (or not…) for Sex and Escapes Jail #expectus

This is Roger and last year he spent 3 weeks talking to what he believed to be an 11 year old girl then turned up to meet her.

Roger Wilson Tory Councillor and Prison Dodger meets NOT an 11 year old girl for Sex

Today he was issued with an NFA which stands for ‘No Further Action’ due to the CPS not wanting to go forward with it even though there is compelling evidence to 100% prove he has committed a very serious offence and poses a serious risk to other children.
Here are the links:
Full Conversation:
Extended Cut of the video:
Please share this video and invite your friends to the page.

Post by Stinson Hunter.

Check out his comments on Stinson’s thread:

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Roy Stobbs in Court Again - Charged With Child Sex Offences

Roy Stobbs

A 62-YEAR-OLD man appeared in court yesterday charged with making indecent photographs of children.

Roy Stobbs, of The Hollow, Meltham, pleaded not guilty to all matters at Kirklees Magistrates’ Court.

Court papers featured two separate files of charges ranging from offences including level 1 images to more serious level 4 types. There are also charges relating to “possessing an extreme pornographic image portraying an act which threatened life”.

The accusations are dated from November 2008 to June 2011.

Prosecutor Alex Bozman said the charges related to the examination of a computer which was recovered from Stobbs’ home in June 2012. Chairman of the bench, Brian Bedford, told the defendant: “These matters are too serious for this court.” He granted Stobbs unconditional bail and said he was required to attend Kirklees Magistrates’ Court again for a committal hearing on June 17 at 3pm. Afterwards, Stobbs’ solicitor, Patrick Bernard, said it was unclear how many charges his client would ultimately face as the ones on the court papers were so-called specimen charges. Read more: Examiner

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Shilltownz Secret Archive - and OzzyBinOswalds masked confession

Join up the dots to WIN!!! WIN!! WIN!!!

Greetings shillz comrade OzzyBinOswald

When you have some achievements under your belt feel free to pass comment.

No-one goes home empty handed - here's your crackerjack pen!

Didn't you know 911 sites would have never made the front page if taboo (the best selling porn movie of all time) had not been used to leverage traffic?
No-planers would now be has-beens.

The leverage worked by attaching clouds of unknown tags to videos with huge amounts of views - ie kay parker vids, and sexy girls.  Next, the same tags were used on the no-plane videos.  The catch was, no-one knew which tags in the huge clouds were linking the videos - until someone pushed publish and the rest is history.  In phase two the same videos were used with different titles and thumbs, and more matching tags.  This is called in maths a feedback loop; the result is a 'strange attractor' basin.  Each video/tag pulls the others higher, and so on - with no downwards pressure these sites were soon on the front pages of google, youtube and many major blogs.

If had not been taken down, the craze would still be continuing.

This was the locus where ALL the vids were to be syndicated automatically along with unique custom blog posts that are an infallible way to draw traffic from all over the net.
How did 911taboo (and later 911porn) disappear?  
Well, we don't know.
Genghis6199 aka Scott Vincent was a driving force, a master video artist and comedian.  He created the original videos, along with banners and graphics.  The only things he could not do were mashups, build websites, and draw traffic.  He and Spiney were a perfect match, and coupled with my coding skills we had a team.  Then one sunny day, Genghis (or shall we call him Scott) disappeared.

The first we knew was, the domain had been taken down.  Scott was unobtainable - his phone was switched off and never worked again - just a strange answerphone message, repeating something again and again.

About this time, we began receiving threatening messages - blackmail - from Vincent's account.

However, it is plain to see that this was not the real Scott.  His account had been taken over, and he himself was possibly dead, or in hiding somewhere.
Perhaps we will never know.
The finger of guilt could point to many places; f(r)eds, other authors who were jealous, or simple malice from an unknown party.
But, when I read posts like the ones reprinted below, I start to wonder....

Here it is, OzzyBinOswalds hidden confession, spelled out in full:

Ozzy Bin Oswald · 10 followers
Sunday at 04:19 ·  
  • The 'No Plane Theory' discussion begins at 25:00. He hasn't said so but this guy is "Fred" who I spent many long nights doing this type of research with in the early days. But I came to a point, once I understood the extent of the "cognitive infiltration," that I cut all contacts and confidences because I didn't want to risk compromising my own leading. Although Fred always seemed cool to me. Just a few odd suspicions. He was suggesting concepts that infiltrators like Simon Shack would, years later, pretend to have originated and then misinterpret, misapply and attempt to render vacuous. I disagree , however, that the plane's perceived discrepant approach paths in different videos is evidence of fakery. It's just an illusion of perspective. It's a simple thing to program a digital plane to maintain coherent velocity even if it looks otherwise as seen from various angles. It's bad evidence and Fred should have realized that by now.

    Christopher Dorner Hoax and 911 No Plane Theory - California Report Episode 4
    Looking more into the ridiculous event that is the Christopher Dorner nonsense, as well as finally going into some of the points made about 9/11 no plane the...
     - private

Seems to me that this bloke knows more than he let on, about Vincents mysterious disappearance.

Don't try to cover it up by smearing false witness about 9/11 in our face; we are not daft and have more knowledge/info than most agencies


Copyright (c) OzzyBinMurder KILLS(shilltown) Genghis Scott Vincent6199

See whos' in the honeypot right now! >>> click here for all the answers...